Teeth-Veneer 2.0

Cosmetic dentures with perfect fit for your own teeth.

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Impression set: same-day shipping

Teeth-Veneer: 7 business days

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Four steps for a new smile:

  • Order the Teeth-Veneer
  • Receive a impression kit
  • Make teeth impression and return
  • Receive customized clip on veneer

Medical standards for our cosmetic products.

The Teeth-Veneer 2.0 is made of biocompatible synthetic resin and has an absolutely authentic look. It does not matter whether you want a natural tooth colour or the colour of Hollywood. You wear a high-quality cosmetic denture with a real appearance, but pay only a fraction of the price of medical dentures and you dont have to visit a dentist. It is also well tolerated by teeth, gums and the whole body.

Tested service quality

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Express production: 25 €

With the Express option, we only need 3 days instead of 10 for your Teeth-Veneer.

  • Hand(made) quality
  • Perfect fir for your own teeth
  • Biocompatible from high quality material
  • Cheap alternative to the dentist

Functional design meets aesthetics & well-being

With a thickness of only 0.3 mm - 0.5 mm, the wafer-thin Teeth- Veneer 2.0 can be placed perfectly on the teeth and fits perfectly to your teeth

Frequently asked questions and use case

How does the Teeth-Veneer 2.0 hold ? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

The Teeth-Veneer 2.0 is manufactured with extreme precision to fit your own teeth perfectly. It clasps your teeth minimally and is easy to put on and take off.

This makes the Teeth-Veneer extremely durable and able to withstand almost all everyday situations.

Are more than 8 teeth also possible with Teeth-Veneer 2.0? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

Yes, for an additional charge of £ 22.00 incl. VAT per jaw, Veneera™ also fabricates the Teeth-Veneer 2.0 with 10 teeth. Simply contact the Veneera™ customer service.

In principle, more than 10 teeth are also possible, but we do not recommend it, because the visible area of a smile is sufficiently covered by 8-10 teeth. If you still want to have more than 10 teeth imaged with the Teeth-Veneer 2.0, we can no longer guarantee comfortable wear.

Is the Teeth-Veneer 2.0 also suitable for missing teeth? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

Veneera™ replicates missing teeth with the Teeth-Veneer 2.0. The corresponding areas are balanced out with additional material. As a result, the Teeth-Veneer enables a virtually flawless dentition curve.

All dissatisfactions are simply covered and no one notices.

Can the Teeth-Veneer 2.0 also compensate for tooth misalignments and gaps? Blue Arrow IconBlue Arrow Icon

Veneera™ Teeth-Veneer 2.0 compensates for possible tooth misalignments and gaps by balancing out corresponding areas with additional material. In this way, the Teeth-Veneer enables an almost flawless dentition curve.

Thus, all dissatisfactions are ideally covered and no one notices.